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French movie about an author and his fan who has his baby unbeknown to him

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I watched the movie in TV5Monde, so this could be a TV movie. I did not watch the complete movie so my plot summary might be sketchy; please bear with me. The plot revolves around a girl who is in love with a famous author. The film is narrated by the girl. The author (if I remember correctly) is a playboy or a man with many lovers. She has sex for the first time with the author. She has a son as a result. This is not known to the author who does not seem aware of the girl. She becomes a prostitute (I’m a little fuzzy on this part. My ignorance of French doesn’t help either.). At the end, she leaves the child with the author with a letter explaining the events. Again I’m not completely sure but I think she dies at the end. Apologies for the threadbare description, this is all I remember.

– Genre: Drama
– Language: French
– Year : 1994-2004 [Definitely before 2004, late 90s/early 2000s I’d say]

Thanks for any help!

guru Posted new comment Aug 14, 2020

Thanks for the list farcy. The movie i want doesn’t appear in the list 🙁