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Frat Bi BJ

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A group of elite young men (judging by their costumes, most probably a frat in a elite college), are sitting around a room on couches and chairs (in dress shirts & suits) with drinks in hands, watching a woman give a blindfolded man a sensual blowjob.

One of the sitting men, kneels towards the woman and gently pulls her off, and he starts to blow the blindfolded man to “completion”!

The kneeling man then passionately kisses (makes out with) the woman next to him, while the entire room watches the oblivious blindfolded man come down from his orgasm and stare up in bliss with his blindfold removed.

Other Notes;

1. The movie was between 1990 & 2022 (Probably after the year 2000). It had a contemporary modern setting.
2. The movie looked Euro-American (All Caucasian), but could also be Eastern Europe, Russian, Central or South American, with a mostly Caucasian cast.
3. I am unsure if this was actually a fraternity, but looked like hazing/initiation type scene of a new entrant. The men looked they were from elite high society, or certainly had rich parents.
4. The movie looked expensive, as in, it was NOT a softcore/porn/adult film, nor was it a art-house/avant-garde style film. It was definitely mainstream.
5. The closest movie I was able to find to it, and originally thought it was the same, until I saw it, was the 2014 British film “The Riot Club”, also with a minor queer/homoerotic subtext.
6. Other Young Gang/Frat movies that I have already checked are Consequences (2018), and Goat (2016). These two and “The Riot Club”, were the only movies I was able to find with the IMDB Keyword/Tags filtering.

Note: Even though the scene is sexual in nature, this scene was the first time, I had seen Bisexuality be so normal, as all the guys in the room thought it was the same as the woman sucking him off. Even though, there is a initiation/hazing element, it seemed like a positive bro-bonding moment and the movie seemed like a proper drama.

Please help me find the title of this movie.

Capawara5 Posted new comment Jun 6, 2022

Kaboom (2010) sadly is also not a match.

This scene had no dialogue, so I have no idea what language it is in.