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Frank Sidebottom playing a flute, while he watches some lawn tennis?

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Context: Watched some of this movie on an old 14” B&W Tuner TV in the 80s. I’d left the TV on, and woke during the night to it playing. It’s bugged me for decades what it is. Hope someone can help.

What I remember: A monster/creature playing an instrument: a flute or lyre. The associated scenes would cut between the creature, (who my memory is now confusing with Frank Sidebottom), people playing volleyball/badminton, and then a couple in bed.

Sorry there’s not more information, and no plot, but I switched the TV off and went back to sleep.

Probably airing on either BBC2 or Channel 4 (UK).

Although I was watching it on a B&W TV, it felt like it could have been B&W, maybe made in the 60s, and had the feel of an old “nudist retreat” documentary, but with a weirdo playing a flute.



ross_actual Answered question Dec 18, 2020

Maybe the laughable “The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature”? It’s a long shot, but might be worth looking up on imdb. It is a B&W nudist camp film from 1964. Something Weird released it on DVD, pairing it with another nudist camp horror title, “The Beast Who Killed Women” (which I didn’t watch). I watched my DVD only once, years ago, and my recollection is really fuzzy. I don’t remember “The Monster” playing a lute, and that is the detail you remember best. It does have a really cool animated opening credit sequence that looked like the credit sequence for “Monthy Python’s Flying Circus”. And it has a truly bizarre ending — ten or twenty minutes of stock footage of WWII battle scenes. In between there are endless scenes of nude people playing croquet, badminton, and picnicking (with all the naughtiest bits strategically covered), while the camp’s chubby, idiot gardener (transformed into a monster by toxic waste) lumbers around with an ax menacing the poor nudists.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve checked out some screen grabs of the Camp Sunshine movie, and while everything matches perfectly, the main guy looks too much like a regular guy. I remember a crappy Doctor Who villain rather than a regular man.

The instrument was important as the sport/volleyball/sex scenes seem to get more intense in response to the music. But, I saw very little of this movie to rely on my memory for actual context.

You’ve given me a great jumping off point to start searching in a new direction.

Appreciate your help.


ross_actual Answered question Dec 18, 2020