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Found Footage style movie about young/teen couple who go on a crime spree


Trying to find the title of a movie, I would of watched it about a decade ago so it should be early 2000s and I probably would have rented it from the horror/thriller section.

It was found footage style in that it was always the main character holding the camera. A disturbed boy who falls in love with a girl, he might have been stalking her at first but they get together at least midway through if not early on. I think they were in highschool and started ditching, theres a scene where they have a picnic in the nude. I think they kill somebody or some other crime and end up on the run. They join a cult and do a bunch of drugs but the cult leader tries to take the girl into the harem and when the guy finds out he breaks them out and they leave but then they run into the police and die together in the resulting shootout.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jun 12, 2022