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Found footage of pranks on bullies gone wrong. Turns to murder

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I saw a film years ago that I cannot for the life of me find on Google. Its not very well known and seems to have a similar plot line to more recent and well known films.

I remember it’s about 2 bullied teens who decide to get revenge on some of the bullies by pranking them. This is all done in a “found footage” style.

I remember one of the pranks was they would wait for one of the bullies to go into a bathroom stall, then they used wood and nails to lock him in. However, when the guy escaped, one of them panics and hits the bully with the hammer repeatedly, killing him. They then change tactics and decide to hunt the bullies and kill them until they get to one of the females and they can’t go through with it.

I can’t remember the ending though. I remember one of the bullied guys was wearing a white jacket in one or more scenes. Unsure if he took it from another bully they killed to lure in another though.

If anyone can remember the title, that would be amazing as it has been annoying me for a few days now and Google doesn’t bring up the right results!

casspir Answered question Jun 15, 2021

Maybe “Prank” (2013)?
IMDb review page:

Quotes from the above IMDb review page:
“Three teens plan to take revenge on their bully and document their every move on camera to show the creation of an epic prank.”
“More than just another dumb found footage film”
“Prank is the story of two bullied geeks and their sometime friend, a chubby girl with the unlikely name of “Chunk”, who decide to pull a prank on their two tormentors.”

Angath05 Posted new comment Jun 15, 2021

It’s not this one. There were just 2 perpetrators. And I’m pretty sure it’s either older or much smaller budget