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Found Footage Movie about a school.


This was on Amazon Prime a while ago. It was a found footage style movie about a paranormal team who were investing a school that was haunted. At one point they discovered a paranormal portal in one of the classrooms. It’s similar to Classroom 6 but it was on a lower budget.

Asagi Posted new comment Nov 6, 2020

Thank you for your response! But no, the one I’m thinking of is more of a found footage.

the portal is seeming to be the tricky part to find in a foind footage school haunting film…i will keep digging

Many thanks for your hard work and time! I wish I could offer you more information. I can only say that the lead investigator was kind of arrogant but he knew of the behavior of the portals and was attempting to either interact with it or close it, I forget. That’s where I was going to continue watch it, but it was no longer on prime.