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Forgotten movie about love at first sight from bus

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I have been looking for one very interesting movie that I have seen on TV for more than 10-20 years, so far without success. It was about the love of two young people who met somewhere in the city in a bus or tram, and the boy saved the girl in the seat in front of him because she didn’t have a ticket, and he gave her his own at the last minute before the auditor. He was taken off the bus and she was looking at him through the rear window as the bus left, and it was love at first sight. To meet her again, he took that bus every day for an awful long time, until he personally known all the drivers. Unfortunately he did not meet the girl again. But later he meet her by chance in a restaurant and they immediately remembered each other. They went to her apartment and made love there for at least a week and they almost didn’t leave the apartment. After this time, the boy stopped having fun with her and took it only as a love affair, but she was still terribly in love with him. To keep her with him, she even promised that he can have other woman. He then made her life unbearable and slandered her everywhere, and she endured it. But one day a bus hit him on the street when he didn’t look around. He suffered serious injuries and with paralyzed lower body, had to be in a wheelchair. She promised in front of some commission that she would take care of him. Then she began to give him back everything he did to her. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it ended.

Could anyone know the name of this movie please?


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leos.verner Selected answer as best Feb 12, 2022

Sorry, I probably accidentaly delete the right response from someone. YEAH, it was “Bitter Moon 1992” 🙂 Thanks

leos.verner Selected answer as best Feb 12, 2022