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Forgot title of movie of 2 actors only: 1 black male 1 white female

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Hi, I am Mazigh, originally from Morocco and I live in the Netherlands.

I am looking for the name of a low-key low-budget movie I watched some 5 years ago. It’s a sci-fi thriller mystery movie, possibly made by Netflix between 2013 and 2018 with a cast of two actors only, a white woman and a black / brown man. They’re security or agents armed with modern rifles on a temporary mission in a modern high tech small outpost / facility / tent in the green forest. They sleep in shifts in a white dome-shaped tent in the green forest on green grass. They receive or make some phone calls with HQ for status reports or support. The black / brown guy is edgy and annoyed with the white woman. He suspects her of mind-games and later of some wrong-doing during his sleeping shift and later he requests from HQ by phone to be extracted from the area but HQ refuses and directs him to finish the misson. The white actress is tall and strong and is around 40 and she looks a bit like Connie Nielsen.

Mazigh Edited question May 24, 2019