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Forgot the name of Movie

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I remember about rich college lady planning for prom queen –
-her bf is soccer player
– hero is middle class student attending same as her and she offer him to make daily video of her richness life boost her popularity in college in order to win prom queen
– she take him for shopping and buy expensive cloths for him and getting hair done as well
– Hero admire the independent lady attending same college as him
– heroine main motive to win prom queen is for her late mother who was once prom queen in her days
– he release the video of her in college about her silliness and ends with her down to earth qualities but she saw only the half part of it and get mad with him
– heroine childhood friend use to be hero admire lady but he eventually love heroine
– she ends up wearing her mother’s old prom dress and attend the prom

wendor Answered question Jul 18, 2022

It’s called Geek Charming

wendor Answered question Jul 18, 2022