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Foreign horror film, made after 2000/woman journies to afterlife to punish those who murdered son

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A woman whose son was brutally killed by teenagers hires a man to guide her to the afterlife to ask them why and then punish them to Hell w/a request of a wish. The pudgy man meets her at a house she rented to go through the process. The man tells her she must follow the steps exactly as he tells her and has to agree before he’ll start the process. He advises her it could fail and will take a month of brutal steps. She follows the man’s instructions, but they start to evolve, including steps that involve sexual intimacy, and they do build a bond. She begins to distrust him more and more but cannot leave the house until she completes the process. Ultimately, she is successful and finds herself in a horrific part of hell, then fights her way out and then finds her way to the archangel, who gives her a wish. The choice she makes is a surprise ending. Takes place in a mansion in countryside somewhere in Europe, language was likely Swedish or Danish.

The movie is extremely well made, the acting is excellent, and the pain and torture a parent goes through when a child is murdered is raw through the actresses portrayal. I hope someone can help me find the title of this movie. Thank you.

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P.S. Takes place in late fall, turns winter, at a mansion in countryside of some European country, and believe language is Swedish, Danish, Swiss???


Yes! That is it!!!! Thank you so so much! I hope your time and kindness are returned in great measure!