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Foreign film, landscape 2.0 or something?


It’s a foreign film where the main character and his older mentor go to steal a painting in a safe and along the way the younger guy takes money and unbeknownst to him, documents about war crimes. He is then pursued by a man trying to get the document back (he doesn’t know this as his family and friends are killed around him) in the process the young man‘s girlfriend Magda (pregnant) and the girl he was cheating on her with Yazna (also pregnant) get killed along with his gay best friend who continuously says that the main character looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. There is also a scene in which main guy go shopping with Yasna and she opens her jacket to show she is naked and he begins to perform cunnilingus in public. A small boy comes up and asks what he’s doing and he says “having a lick” or something like that… The end of the movie results in the hitman or whoever this killer gentleman was telling the young man that he’s killed his girlfriend his friends and he then jumps off the cliff while the young man is grabbed by the police for the murders

ZiggyStarDust22 Asked question Aug 4, 2022