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Foreign Drama Penis Bitten Off

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Ok. I saw this movie late night on a premium movie channel at least 15-20 years ago. It was subtitled and I would guess French or Italian based on the ethnicity of the cast. I only remember a few scenes but I have tried to find this movie for years. It is essentially the life story of a man. It starts out with his childhood living with his mother and his aunt that is not much older than him. A scene I particularly remember is when he is about 12-13 he discovers his aunt’s body hanging from the rafters of I believe a barn and while he’s staring up at her in her dress he remarks that it was one of the only times his aunt has ever worn panties. I also remember a scene when his is older and is now what I would call the main actor. He walks into a party and almost immediately, a topless girl crawls over to him and undoes his pants and proceeds to give him a blowjob (it is not shown) and as we are seeing his face, there is a sound effect and he starts screaming. We now see a shot of the woman still on her knees with a bit of blood dripping from her mouth and he tells us that his penis was bitten off and couldn’t be reattached. This is not a horror movie. It is implied that the girl was just so high on the copious amounts of cocaine at the party that she didn’t realize what she was doing. The only other scene I remember is later after he is married, he and his wife start fighting and he believes that it is because he has no penis and isn’t satisfying her sexually. I would really like to find and rewatch this movie as I was very young when I saw it. Please help!

Darksk8r900 Asked question Jun 25, 2020