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Foreign Coming of Age Film

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I don’t remember the title nor the actors but I do know that the film started with the tomboy main character getting ready for school while there is a very 2000s music playing as score and their black friend meets with them to walk together to school. The classroom scene is about the teacher asking the protagonist to take off their hoodie since it is not part of the dress code.

Chisco Answered question Aug 18, 2022

Which country do you think? Boy or girl? Something more you can remember? Hood or cap down is a common sentence for a teacher.

spanish or french im not sure. the film is about a tomboyish girl and their best friend in the start is a black guy from their class. the teacher said something about removing the hoodie since it is not part of the uniform.


no it’s not it


La Robe du Soir (The Evening Dress) 2009?

rv1204 Posted new comment Aug 18, 2022

the protagonist had short hair. they look like a boy in first glance.