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Finding an old cartoon knight movie

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Hello i am braking a my head over an old movie i cant rember all i now ist that the mayne knight was extremly strong and at some poit he took 2 shilds and fougt an armie or somthing vermilier ther mey be also an dragon invofed as his “friend” i am not sure culd be that he speard him ther is the posibilite that the dragon could talk the mey olso be a walking with hut in some part of the movie wich i am agein not sure i hope you can help me
Edit1: he head a tiny head komered to his shoulder and also blond hair if i correctly remember his helment was rater normal but it was a litel bit pointi on the top plus he dident wore platemale armore but only chain male but this one i am unsure about

Kybo Posted new comment Jul 31, 2021

It sounds kind of familiar. Did the cartoon look like Disney, anime, or some other kind of animation?

Probably not desney