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I am looking for an exciting movie i watched several years ago, like sometime after the year of 2000. It is a crime movie about a boy who was abducted out of his neighborhood. His father did not think the police was doing their job so he set out to do his own investigation and to find his son. I remember a scene where he meets a man and shows him his sons picture. His son was very young, say like the beginning school age, maybe. The man had not seen his son but he showed him a picture of his young daughter who also disapeared about the same time, so the man told him he would be on the lookout for her too. At the end of the movie he figures out where his son is and comes to a basic smaller white house that has a front porch on it, and he knocks on the door, and his son answers, so the man goes into the house and in the front room he also finds the young girl. A happy ending. These are the kind of movies i love to watch. Ones that are sort of a mystery to be solved and have a happy ending. I would love to find a missing child myself. Does anyone know the name of the movie or who played in it? I would love to find out the title so I can watch it again.

LindaCoop73 Asked question Nov 11, 2020