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Find movie about kid stuck in a hole

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I watched a movie when i was a teenager where a group of kids (siblings or family) were playing in the back of a very big garden where all of a sudden one of the kids falls down a hole and gets stuck. The others realize they cant really move his because the earth will collapse and the kid will fall very deeply to the ground and die. The whole movie they try to save the kid somehow. Spoiler alert: at the end of the movie one of the older kids finds a way to go down deep where it seems to be some sort dumpster or sewer right below the hole and there he finds skeletons of a dead body where he realised it was his own sibling he threw down the hole when he was a kid. He then decides to die there with the dead body. Thats how much I remember please help me find this movie thanks. <3

Yegi Asked question Jul 27, 2022