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Film where a couple are kidnapped and asked questions about their relationship?


I watched this somewhere between 2012-2015, but might have been later. It’s about a couple who get kidnapped and wake up in separate rooms from each other. They’re each asked questions by an unknown presence about their relationship, which start off simple and get more intense, like ‘do you think your partner cheated on you’. They’re asked to choose yes or no, and the other partner watches them on a camera while they answer. For the cheating one, they showed some footage of one person from the couple that looked like they were about to cheat, then cut the video before anything happened and made them pick yes or no. Then after they answered, it was revealed to them that the rest of the footage showed no cheating and was just made to look like the person was having an affair. The whole thing was like a relationship test, but it was kind of a thriller/horror, because if they didn’t answer there were punishments, like alarms and lights constantly going off so they couldn’t go to sleep, and things like that. I remember the title being something kind of clever (?), like a rhyming or alliterative name, but I can’t really remember. Any help would be appreciated!

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