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Film that discusses Declarationn of Independence

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I saw this movie starring a kid who I think looks like Fred Savage. But I tried looking up his filmography and there doesn’t seem to be any there.

This kid has a Declaration of Independence project he has to do for the private boys’ school he goes to. Then he meets this old man who seems to know a lot about it and makes a deal with him to give him money to print out all the material he’ll be needing for his project.

The next day, he got duped by a couple of other kids who has a knack of picking on him who took him to a different route home via the train. But right when they were about to step on the train, the other kid took his ticket and went inside the train just as its doors were closing. So the kid had nothing left to use to go home. Last scene I saw was he was wandering the streets because he doesn’t know how to get home as he has spent all his money on that train ticket. Then he bumped into the old man who has the printouts. He started asking for his money back so he could get home. That’s when I had to leave and I wasn’t able to finish it.

Mauregon Asked question Apr 9, 2022