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Film is about a female DJ

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I can’t remember the title of the movie, but what I remember is that it was an European film about love. I cant exactly remember how the film starts, but there was a guy that went on an island to party, met two girls and made love with them, fell for one of them, part that i don’t remember, after that he went to jail for something, that he did… or for his brother(I’m not sure) The girl from the party became a famous DJ, there was s scene that he was in a big crowd and he was looking at her. and in the finale scene, they were on the shore, and he finally met here again and reunite. the film is old, maybe around 2007 I’m not sure the exact year. Thank you all to any one who can help me 🙂 🙂 🙂

St1nkata Changed status to publish Aug 13, 2021

no, it’s not the movie i’m looking for. but thank you, for your help 🙂