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Film ending with female protag getting her heel stuck in a tram track

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I think this is a movie, rather than a series/miniseries.

I think it’s from the early 90s or late 80s (but it could be older).

I think it’s either an English- or French-language production.

I think there’s a heisty/criminal theme to the plot – in any case, the feeling saturating the final scenes is the one of getting away with something or finally being safe.

I’m pretty sure the female protagonist – right before getting her heel stuck in tram tracks as she crosses the street – has found out she’s pregnant. She might even be on her way from her doctor’s appointment.

This is driving me nuts, please help.

tramheel Unselected an answer Jun 30, 2020

The only film I know with that type of scene was BRAINWAVES from 1982 with Tony Curtis. But that scene takes place more towards the beginning. A woman in SF gets her heel stuck in a trolley track and as she finally gets free after struggling she gets hit by a car.

tramheel Posted new comment Jun 30, 2020

Thanks so much for the suggestion! However, Brainwaves is sadly not the one I’m looking for.


I searched a lil bit maybe it can be ”Les Manas”

Nobody 1 Posted new comment Aug 6, 2020

Thanks for taking the time to comment! Interesting – I can’t find that one, can you help me out?

I couldn’t find anything on Les Manas either, so it must be incorrect or doesn’t exist. Is there a way to narrow the search like the name of the actress?