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Film about child abandonment? Not raising helen

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Okay this one is tough because for years I’ve been trying to find it.
Every year I remember less and less of this film.
Mom drops off her two children with her sister to babysit.
All of a sudden mom calls her sister from a pay phone and says, I can’t do this.
So her sister watches over the two children.

There’s a second part to this film where the aunt gets married and has her own child. She still has both kids they’re a bit older now.

I saw this on ABC Family sometime between 2006-2012. I can tell you that Celeste in the city played right after the films. I cannot remember if the whole series played or if it was just the first movie then Celeste in the city.

Also it’s not raising Helen because mom doesn’t die.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jul 6, 2022