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Film about a serial killer

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I saw a film once about a woman who lived with a serial killer. She tried to stop him killing by inventing a machine where he could record screams etc and simulate a killing. But she said every so often she had to let him do a real killing “because he enjoyed it so much”. But I can’t remember what it was called…

Karen Posted new comment Nov 30, 2020

The mother was a scientist, her son a serial killer.
The scientist cloned some girls and her son killed them. I watched something like this.

mmm… not sure that’s the same one. The one I saw the woman was definitely his partner (or wife). I seem to remember it ended with her writing a letter to someone telling them the story.

I was thinking of the same thing “pori” was I believe.
It’s called All That We Destroy, and it was a movie/episode on the show Into The Dark.

I’ve just googled All That We Destroy. It sounds similar but I’m not sure it’s the same one. What I remember most clearly is the woman at the end writing a letter to someone. And I’m sure she wasn’t his mother…