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Factory where children are instantly made

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Hi, I’m looking for a film and I only remember this one scene – it’s set in some kind of factory where children are made. Married couples (who desire to become parents) go there and choose what their future children should look and be like (for example they say “We want a son with blue eyes and blonde curly hair). The children are instantly created (not babies, but kids around the age of 5-10) and they kinda go down a slide to their new parents. I watched it like 15 years ago and the film itself seemed even older. It was colourful, probably a fairy tale or comedy, nothing scary. It’s possible that I remember some parts incorrectly, it’s an old memory. I’ll be very grateful if you can help me with this one!

userunavailable3095 Answered question Aug 10, 2021

was it animated or live action?
konrad tv movie 1985?

It was live action for sure. I checked this Konrad movie, but that’s not it, the children from my wanted movie did not come from a tin can. But it’s probably an old movie, like your suggested one. Anyway thank you for trying to help me.


Or Gattaca

fresh-strawberry Posted new comment Jun 8, 2020

I checked and it’s neither Gattaca or Spy Kids. The film I’m looking for is probably older. Thanks anyway.


Could it be from Spy Kids?

Chris Answered question Jun 7, 2020

Hi, thank you but it’s not what I’m looking for. I remember at least three children going down the slide one by one to their parents. Also it was cheerful, happy, probably fairy tale, your suggested film looks scary and dark.

fresh-strawberry Answered question Jun 7, 2020

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

fresh-strawberry Unselected an answer Jun 7, 2020