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Evil twin brothers one died at birth

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Old movie came out in the 70’s but it aired on TV, scary movie about two mischievous twins that live on a farm, movie scenes are in the barn alot. The 2 young boys do bad things, at the end they kill someone with a pitchfork. Also at the end you realize the whole time the one twin is doing all the bad stuff himself because his twin brother actually died at birth.

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The title of the movie is The Other. It was based on the best selling novel of the same name by Thomas Tryon. The film, released in 1972, was directed by Robert Mulligan, the gifted director of To Kill a Mockingbird. Real life twins Chris and Martin Udvarnoky played Niles and Holland; it was their only film. Uta Hagen, the great stage actress and acting coach, played the boys grandmother.

I watched this movie many times on TV in the 1970’s. It it is one of the finest horror films ever made.

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