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Evil Clown Who Grants Wishes

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I remember the movie primarily taking place in a hospital. There were some guys and girls being tormented by this evil clown. The scene I remember most was the clown taunting this one guy (who I think was wearing a crucifix) saying something to the affect of

“oh, you’re so perfect, you probably wish you were just like Jesus”

Then the guy said “yes” and the clown smirked devilishly. Then it cut to the guy screaming in pain on a cross in the middle of the hospital with blood pouring our his hands with nails in them.

(I know this sounds similar to the Wish Master trilogy but as far as i know there no clowns or hospitals in those.)

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Dec 8, 2020

when did you see it? what did the clown look like? can you remember anything else?

I know that it had to be pre 2006 cause i was still very young and not old enough to remember much else. I remember the clown wasn’t fat and the make up was really well done. There was one scene where he chased them down a long hospital hallway. Only other clue I might have is that I watched it on cable. I know that for sure cause I watched it in my hotel room while I was on vacation; don’t remember watch channel unfortunately though. That’s all I got!

could it be one of the killjoy movies?