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European sci-fi movie with character called ADAMO


Hello friends. I’m looking for a sci-fi movie I watched in the nineties. it was probably an european production. a man was connecting people to himself with some kind of energy emanating from his mind. He had a kind of second being in his mind called “ADAMO” Then some guys were using him to make money by a TV show, they even started a political party called “Adamo” using his power and popularity and they chose a human hand print as their emblem.

In a scene I remember, characters were sitting around the fire, one of them took the pan over the fire, poured the contents, then hit the back and used it like a musical instrument while the others dance

does anybody know about it ?

VHS_Lives Answered question May 2, 2022


names could be altered in different languages, but this seems close

sedatus Edited comment May 4, 2022

Thanks for your attention, but unfortunatelly its not the movie I am looking for

do you think the movie was made close to the time you saw it? can you remember anything else? it couldn’t be american? i am digging as a sci fi movie, but i am seeing political satire as a possibility too….?

Looking at the word of “Adamo”, I thought it was an italian movie, but I am not sure. I saw it on TV in 90’s when I was a kid but it may be from 80’s or 70’s. There was no action, it had a rather slow, dramatic and psychological atmosphere. As in the dance scene I described above, it had some visual and auditory artistic details. (thanks for your effort and sorry for my bad english)

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