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erotic asian movie (soft) Impossible to find!

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This is an older erotic kind of movie from when i was a kid. I am 32 years old right now.
Its an asian movie not sure what country it came from. Funny thing about it is this movie was on national tv in my country.

The movie is about a asian guy who is tormenting a innocent woman with a remote controle that somehow controls her vibrating underwear. through out the day she’s tormented in her daily life trying to hide her feelings at her job in the shopping mall and other places. she is embarrassed and in the beginning of the day she didnt know that she had the vibrating underwear. In the movie you see the guy with a remote controle in the distance trying to embarras her. Anyone have any idea at all where to find this movie please hit me up. Of course im going to put a bounty on this question iff i dont have any other choice;P none the less this movie is worth it

Chisco Posted new comment Aug 9, 2022

You already tried searching in sites like this?: