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Educational Texas Independence Film about 2 friends


I watched this Educational film back in middle school U.S. History and I really want to watch it now. So the film starts with two Little girls who are friends. One of the girls family is rich/wealthy and the other girl lives with a low class family. I remember the beginning scene is they find a lady bug in the forest near the house of the rich girl. Once they reach the rich girls house they unfortunately had to Say goodbye and be separated because the Girls low class family is Heading to Texas For land and a new home, while the rich girl stays in her home state. The film goes back and forth between how their lives were different over the years and how one prospered in Texas while the other prospered in her home state. The low class girl accompany’s a wagon train who is lead by a pregnant women who protects the people and the wagon train on their journey to Texas. The wagon train had to go across a running river and So a rope was tied to one end of the river for the people to grab and go across.
I don’t remember too well but there was a scene that the wagon train was invaded by Mexicans or Indians, and the girl was hidden inside a wagon holding the baby (that belong to the woman who was previously pregnant) and the baby Cried giving away their cover. As the attacker gets close To the girl and baby a person/or mother came in the nick of time and drove the attacker off. Again I can’t remember how but Sadly a couple scenes later the baby dies and the mother is heartbroken and adopts the girl. Meanwhile the rich girl becomes a women and her parents want her to marry a rich man. The two marry and the Rich woman doesn’t want to have kids which upsets her husband. I remember he was fond of the outdoors. The rich woman follows him On horseback and later that day the two are arguing in his tent (camping I think) About how his wife didn’t want to start a family and what she was afraid of. In the end she gives in and she said I quote “I want to have your baby”. I believe they had sex in his tent because the teacher fast forward the scene.
There is a quick montage about how both the girls family’s grew and had more and more kids with their husbands. The girl who was adopted by the wagon train leader lived together as a mother daughter duo, I don’t remember what happened to her family. I think her father died during the Alamo? Which was not shown but quoted by the low class girl who said “remember the Alamo”.
The Low class women marries a soilder who later protects their home on a hill where some Indians or Mexicans came to try attackIng it luckily they survived and drove the invaders away. In the end scene the rich girl is old and her husband and kids are around her deathbed in her room in bed as she Begins to say goodbye and dies. The adopted women lives with the wagon train leader and look over the graves of her husband And the wagon Train leaders baby under a tree and both women walk towards the house at the end.
I would appreciate it if someone could find this film for me, I tried to think of every detail as possible. This film was live action, colored, and maybe produced In the 1970-1990’s with no CGI animation whatsoever.

Bluebird2217 Asked question Aug 9, 2020