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Early to late 2000’s Indie French Film about aspiring stop-motion artist making a forest on a boat?

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I believe this flim takes place in Paris, France.
It has a male protagonist who speaks English but only a little french, and hes living in what might be a small apartment, and the land-lady who seems to always be there.

He is an aspiring artist and he imagines a boat with its own forest on it, and attempts to make a stop motion film with this concept.

He meets a french-speaking woman who may also be living in the building and sort of connects with her, and ends up telling her about his idea.

She ends up really liking it and gives him ideas, and might also assist in picking out materials he can use for some of the scenes.

One material in particular is a very light-blue, thin plastic that she wants him to use as water. I think he also uses cotton-balls for clouds?

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it’s The Science Of Sleep.

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