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Early 80’s slasher, paintball, uzis, farmhouse with a video studio in the barn.

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So the movie starts with a gunfight in a small deserted town, guys getting picked off one at a time but it turns out to be a paintball match, the leader of the more douchier douchbag team loses a bet which allows the other team captain to take his girlfriend for the weekend or something, so the guys and girls take off in a jeep as the guys are going to train in the desert. Along the way for some reason they stop at a large farmhouse and just decide to let themselves in and not then it’s not long before the killing starts, which is perpetrated by some yocal types but handily for some reason the guys were going to train in the desert for paintball with fully automatic Uzi sub machine guns and a stack of ammo. There’s a scene where two of them discover a little video studio set up in the barn where one of the group was killed so they spray all the AV equipment with bullets as a f**k you to them.
Any ideas?

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