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Early 1980s film about a settler’s life and death struggle to farm his land!

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I saw this film in London in the early 80s (1980 -1983?)at a preview before it was released. It was not a “main stream film as such and wasn’t released world wide. I saw it again years later in the 1990’s on the BBC. It was an “epic” long film with a “very” good orchestral score. The plot was simple, set in the late 19th, maybe very early 20th century, based on man leaving to settle/farm abroad (probably africa, not certain but most likely or similar). He builds a house and starts to grow crops. Its a struggle, a lonely existence and he eventually looks to marry so he goes back to his own country to find a wife. Having done this he takes her back to his farm and she has to get used to this new way of life. She clearly isn’t happy with the situation, but settles down to this new hard life. Their life continues to be a struggle and she falls ill and nearly dies. He looks after and their relationship gets closer. Things begin to improve and their future brightens. Then he falls ill and she cares and looks after him but he dies! That’s it…… long and a simple story of a hard life and death. Have tried to identify this film before but failed. May have been foreign backed or produced, but it was English language. Don’t think it was dubbed. Any help with this would be fantastic. Thanks Mark

Markml Asked question Apr 4, 2019