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Dysfunctional marriage. Husband locks child under floorboards.

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For some reason, a scene from a film keeps popping in to my head that I’m trying to recall. It goes as follows.

A husband and wife are in bed. The wife doesn’t particularly want to have intimate relations, but the man does, so the woman offers a blowjob which the man rejects.

She says, “Well, that’s how you see me, isn’t it?”

He’s not very happy and says, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

He then loses it and locks their child under the floorboards and says something like, “I’m going to keep you under here until you become completely obedient”, or something like that.

It’s quite an old film. Maybe 1970s.

I think it’s possibly a horror film.

JP2022 Asked question Jul 24, 2022