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dumb (likely straight to DVD) teen movie I NEED TO FIND

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I just remember a few hours ago a scene from a movie i watched many years ago, but cant remeber anything about it other than this scene.
Theres this girl which I believe is mean and a bully, and she didnt win prom queen, so she is the bathroom, inside a stall, very upset (perhaps crying) and her friend is outside trying to console her, but the girl keeps complaning so the friend just leaves without telling, right when another girl enters the bathroom – this other girl im pretty sure is the protagonist and the crying girl was for sure mean to her. so the girl on the stall keeps complaining without noticing that her friend left and the protagonist is outside without knowing what to say, and then the girl leaves the stall and the protagonist consoles her and they have a moment, very a cheesy and cliche teen movie scene.
anyway, ive been looking for this movie for hours and im going insane, I must find it!!!

Hanna Asked question Jul 1, 2020