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Duel where the protagonist intentionally misses the shot but nevertheless his opponent gets wounded

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Hello. I’m trying to discover the title of a film that was being broadcast on TV one night I was in a pub. There was no sound from the TV, so I don’t remember a single line of dialogue (I think it wasn’t subtitled either), but it wasn’t a film from the silent era and wasn’t a B/W movie either.
It looked like a period film set in the 19th century (maybe the 18th, but I’m more inclined to the first option), and showed in some scenes the characters promenading through a garden with a certain decadent (and slightly baroque) aura. The most significant thing I remember about the plot is a duel between the protagonist (a young man) and an older guy with moderate long gray (or white) hair. The protagonist fires his gun into the air or elsewhere, clearly showing no intention of killing his opponent, but nevertheless his opponent gets mysteriously shot and falls wounded in slow motion (maybe dies) as the protagonist looks in astonishment and fear. The film is probably European, but I have no solid clues about its nationality. It might be an episode from a series, also.
That was several years ago and maybe some details have been slightly altered in my memory, but I think I’ve given a fairly accurate description of what I could see. Any information about its title will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Kickbobby Answered question Aug 11, 2022

Another idea is an episode of “Castle”. A young man is found dead and naked in a park, killed by a 200-year-old pistol bullet.

It turns out that the dead man was a member of a private club where everyone dresses up in period clothing and does, drinks and eats things like in that time in the past, so also duels.

It should be fun and both of them misses on purpose, but a third person hid behind a tree and shot one dead to murder him.

However, I don’t believe in shot in the air and I don’t believe in slow motion either. It’s probably just a wrong idea. 🙂

Kickbobby Answered question Aug 11, 2022

A duel in which an opponent has no interest in hurting his opponent can be seen in “Highlander” 1986.

Dregler Posted new comment Aug 9, 2022

It’s not Highlander neither Barry Lyndon, where there is also a duel in which one of the contenders intentionally misses the shot. The film I’m looking for seems more obscure than those. Thanks for answering anyway.