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Drugs, Diapers & Death

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I’m looking for a movie that was available on Netflix around 2016. The main character is a man. He’s pretty insignificant, just goes to clubs and does drugs. While gambling he meets a young girl (she’s a runaway teenager?). They “fall in love”. At the end they’re both crazy addicted to drugs and in a room together, bundled in sleeping bags. He’s wearing a diaper because he’s lost control of his bowels and she’s taking care of him. They both just end up dying. I’m pretty sure the title had a bird name in it, like Sparrow or Nightingale. I’m also pretty sure that she wears a wig (maybe purple or blue) at some point in a club (and no the girl isn’t Natalie Portman lol). I have no idea about the actors or if the film was in english. The cover was pretty simple, the image of the girls hair and the title surrounded by a vignette ?. It wasn’t really great but I haven’t been able to find it and it’s super frustrating.

sophiasparkles Asked question Jul 4, 2020