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Back in the 60s or 70s I saw a film supplied to my ship which strangely grabbed me. It was about a young swordsman, played by an Englishman, who had been trained by a Catholic monk, played I’m pretty sure by Andrew Keir, though his filmography doesn’t help. I remember noting its original Italian title, which had ‘diablo’ (devils) in it. Every now and then I obsess about identifying it, and once found a page online about the young star, but that’s long gone. Grateful for any help.

Gorgo Answered question May 27, 2021

Sounds like it could be The Devil-Ship Pirates (1964).

Chris N Posted new comment May 27, 2021

Thanks, but it is not that one, which I remember well. Although I don’t remember the plot of mine, I’m sure it was set in Europe, though the dialogue was in English. I’ve checked all Keir’s films, and hope I’m not wrong in remembering him!