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Drama Movie about a young son getting shot on a road trip.


When I was a kid in the late 90s I remember, and I have impeccable memory, my mom watching this dramatic movie about a family on a road trip with two young kids. (Son is maybe 9 and daughter 5?) Theyre waiting at a red light (late at night) when these two guys pull up next to them and are harassing the mom when a gun shot off? The family speeds away and they drive through night and (because it’s night) they think that the son is sleeping. So the next morning the mom gets a tad worried and touches the son and his head flops over to reveal a wound on his neck. The only other part I remember is them taking him to a hospital so i dont know if he was killed. But does anyone know what movie I’m talking about?

VHS_Lives Answered question Oct 22, 2020