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Don’t know the title, kind of scary alternate dimension 70’s (I think) film

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When I was a kid about 8-10 somewhere in that range 1980-82 I think, there was an ad on our local station for a very scary movie coming that weekend. It was a daytime movie but all the commercials said how messed up it was. My son is 8 now, and we were talking about scary movies and for some reason these visions popped into my head today of this movie I saw from about forty years ago. Maybe it was made in the 70’s. The movie was about a family, mom, dad, daughter, son. The kids were either teenagers or slightly older, and the family, I think got sucked into another dimension where there may have been overgrown bugs or dinosaurs. I really don’t remember a lot, but I think near the end, both of the kids vanished or died or something. The last scenes are of the dad in a hospital, and a “nurse” is about to give him a shot of some kind. He seemed scared like maybe the shot would kill him, and the last scene (again I think) is of the wife walking towards the building he’s in. I think she was dressed as a nurse as though she was going to rescue him. If anyone could tell me the name of that movie that’d be great.

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Sounds similiar to Equinox (1970)

chaddylove Posted new comment Jan 14, 2021

I think that’s it. I just watched the preview and it looks like I can watch the whole movie. Thank you so much, especially considering my description. I was way off. But I was only seven so I may have missed a few of the finer points. I really appreciate it.