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[Done] Post apocalyptic world cut in two : wild people riding horses and high tech one

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I am looking for the title of a movie I saw when I was a child.
Movie should have been produced in 80’s or late 70’s.

In a post apocalyptic world, people is separated in two :
– “wild” ones riding horses, and living in difficult conditions (war, assaults, etc.)
– high tech people living under a dome, close to immortality

The second ones are facing a health problem :
– some people seem to loose their brain and just stand, doing nothing
– fecundity issues : they are not able to make love any more (they don’t even know how it works)
So, they capture a wild man (which will become the hero) in order to understand how to reproduced themselves.

I am not sure about the ending, and I don’t want to spoil 😉

Thanks for your help

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The movie you are looking for is Zardoz. A terrific cult science fiction film from 1974. It starred Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling, and it was directed by John Boorman (Deliverance, Excalibur).

Society has slipped into a new dark age. A group of scientists found a way to live without aging. They gathered up the great books and art and walled themselves away. Their goal to preserve mankind’s knowledge until the world becomes enlightened again. But after many centuries of living, they have become bored and just want it to be over. The men are all impotent. Many have gone mad.

The primitives are regularly visited by their god, a flying stone head that spews rifles from its mouth and tells them to kill. One of the primitives (Connery) hitches a ride inside the stone head and it takes him to the city of the enlightened. I won’t describe what happens and spoil the movie.

I saw this movie in my freshman year of college in 1979 at a film festival. It was the movie that got me hooked on film as an art form. Every semester, the five film festival had a different theme. That first semester, the theme was science fiction. We also saw A Clockwork Orange, THX 1138, Alphaville, and Things to Come. A lot of snarky people like to mock Zardoz (Sean Connery in a diaper and pony tail), but it really is an awesome film. It is on DVD. I hope you watch it again.

yonux Posted new comment Nov 28, 2018

Well, thanks a lot, I just took a look at Zardoz, and YES, this is it.

I said “no” in the first place because it was really not like what I have in my mind, but yes, I must admit this is the one (I thought : “If it is Zardoz, how could I forgot this ridiculous costume Sean Connery had”).
It is really impressive to see how our brain can imagine things (the film is much better in my souvenirs !).


This is not Zardoz …
I made a mistake … I had wrote “(not Zardoz)” in the title but it was too long, so I deleted these chars 🙁

yonux Posted new comment Nov 28, 2018

Darn, not Zardoz. A Boy and His Dog? It doesn’t match as many elements as Zardoz though. There is a fertile outsider (Don Johnson) and a society living underground that strives to reproduce 1950’s rural America. But there are probably too many differences for it to be correct movie.

The most sad thing in this is that I cannot find the name of any actor or others … (saddest : I realised I am old … when looking for “list of old movies”, I can find film like E.T. … It is NOT old for me !)

Well, I am still searching the Internet. I will come back here if I find it.