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Does this movie exist???

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I have a VIVID memory of this movie, I believe it was a comedy and it would have come out sometime in the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s I believe, normally I would think I’m just making stuff up, but my boyfriend and my friend both remember it as well but can’t think of where it’s from!

So there is a scene in this movie, that involves an airbrushed van with a sexy woman (I feel like it was a Viking or something but I’m unclear on this, I just know that it was a sexy scantily clad/possibly Nude woman lol) and I feel like something happens to the van (stolen, crashed into, or it could be as simple as someone making a comment about it to the owner) but I am also unsure about this.

Does anyone have ANY inkling of what movie this is from? It’s driving me crazy lol

fiendella Asked question Jan 9, 2021