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Does someone know the title of this indie sleeper crime thriller?

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I know someone will know the title to this film. Some details are blurry, but what I remember are, a man and woman accidentally kill someone I believe. A man shows up at the house pretending to be a cop to try and find this man who was killed by them. The girl invites him in, offers him coffee I believe, then slowly starts to realize he isn’t a policeman. He then proceeds to attack her, I think she is tied up by him as well? There is also a briefcase involved I think. I can sort of remember the end of the film, which entails the girl sitting on a bed opening the suitcase to find money. She is in a beat up bed and breakfast. It had a very cold dark humor tone, but at it’s core it was an indie crime thriller. The movie definitely came out after 2010, I want to say 2017? Maybe a year before or a year later. I think I found it on a list of underrated films, and also had a name that unfortunately was very forgettable. It had a very plain sounding name that allowed me to forget it over the course of a couple years.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 11, 2020