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Does anyone remember this movie?

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First movie I ever saw on Netflix years ago but can’t remember title, actors, etc. It was a dark comedy movie (I thought it was funny)about a series of accidents that affect a family in the 1950’s (I think). In one of the first scenes, the youngest boy witnesses neighbor accidentally setting himself on fire and then running through the lawn sprinkler where youngster is playing. In another scene, the family is at a drive-in theater watching a Three Stooges episode in which Larry’s hair will be set on fire…fearing his little brother will be upset by seeing this, the brother and his friend climb up on back of theater screen, cut a hole in screen, and begin urinating to extinguish Larry’s burning hair. In another scene the older boy and his friend steal a bowling ball from a parked car and take it to the top of hill and release the ball down the hill. A car coming up the hill swerves to avoid the ball and slams into a tree or lightpost and the driver is killed. Like I said..funny but dark.
I hope I’m not the only one who saw this movie and can’t remember the name, actors etc.

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I remember the bowling ball scene.