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does anyone know what movie this clip is from?

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Hi everyone!

For the past few years I have been looking for a series of slasher/thriller movies. This one of them.

The film is about two people who decide to make a documentary about gore/serial killers, but with the twist that they are going to commit the murders. The entire film is shot in first person perspective and on a handheld camera.

I remember seeing this entire movie on YouTube, but I don’t remember its name and it was most likely downloaded from the site. The only thing I found of this movie is the following clip:

I hope you can help me, probably in a few days/hours I will ask again for other movies of this same genre.

mulcahey Answered question Mar 26, 2022

I’m not familiar with this film, but it sounds very similar to the film Man Bites Dog, which is also about a film crew that follows around a serial killer. If you look for similar films to Man Bites Dog, you might find this one.

Also, have you asked the person who uploaded it to YouTube?

mulcahey Answered question Mar 26, 2022