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Does anyone know this movie about a farm house?

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I have watched a movie a very long time ago and remember certain details however don’t remember the ending of the movie.
It was about this couple who lived on a large property (like a farm house), who either hired a worked or someone stumbled upon their property who started living with them. But this man slowly started to be attracted to the lady (who i think was the other man’s fiance) and she kissed him but then when confronted she started crying and explaining how sorry she was.
Then the other guy was kicked out to look after the property and stay watch outside ? (I have no idea why lol), and then somehow he made it back inside because he tricked the man and then he went inside and made the lady give him oral whilst the husband basically was outside crying??
So many question marks because I literally remember this super vaguely but any sort of help would be amazing!
This movie was made before 2013 (bc that’s when I watched it on TV).
Any help is appreciated !

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