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Does anybody remember a time-travel movie starring Bill Pullman?

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I can’t find any reference to movie I remember watching several times on some premium cable channel, which is odd because I know it starred Bill Pullman with Daryl Hannah in a supporting role. Pullman played a sherrif or chief of police. He was a widower with a young daughter, and his father-in-law was an unhappy participant in his life because he blamed Pullman for his daughter’s death in a car accident. (The car hit a horse which kicked her to death.) A group of strange tourists, one played by Daryl Hannah, arrives in town and checks into a hotel. Pullman is curious as to who these people are. Hannah is knocked unconscious in a minor accident and taken to the emergency room. An x-ray shows some strange object imbedded in her forehead. Pullman interrogates Hannah and finds that the object in her forehead is a camera. She is a tourist from the future. Pressing her as to why time-travelling tourists are visiting his podunk town, she confesses that a meteorite or comet is about to hit the town. Pullman presses further and gets information on how to time-travel himself. He makes a copy or several of himself and goes into a bell tower in a church or maybe the court house. The copies of Pullman use sledgehammers to ring all the bells at once, waking the townspeople so they can flee and escape the tragedy. Pullman then goes further back in time to save his wife from the accident with the horse.

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Not Pullman.

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