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Do you know this plot?

Solved223 views#1 Movies#homeinvasion 2010s action revenge thriller

movie where the house got invaded because the window was left open. the father came home and got hit by a baseball bat in the head and then he watched as his wife gets raped and killed and his daughter got hurt as well and he ordered his daughter to go upstairs to hide and call police but she still got hurt. the perpetrator escaped and the daughter was taken in the hospital and while they were leaving they saw the perp with them in the elevator and identified him because of something in his hand and then goes off to buy guns and a table where he can hide his gun in the basement. his daughter was a bit traumatized and only invite his girl friend and he is living in the basement where he loads his guns and then prepares for another home invasion because the perp and him recognized each other at the hospital and then he killed him at the basement and the perp I think was pretending to be like cable or something and also he can see them on their windows even before because they are staking out the house

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