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Do you know this movie or series? Including some hivemind of alien/parasite.

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I remember watching an alien/parasite movie that is basically a hivemind. People around some city are being taken over, they act like normal people but they actually have an alien/parasite, they say that it’s normal and it saves people from hurting each other, something like that. I remember a scene where a man and a woman were talking and she apparently is one of them and tries to convince the man to join them but he proceeds to run away. I believe this all started with some crash possibly a meteorite containing some goo or liquid, police and lights are around the object as normal. For the life of me, I can’t remember this title or if it even is a movie, can anyone please help me solve this.

BuckAhRue Answered question Jul 17, 2022

I saw this movie a couple of years ago, and it just might be the same one: The Hive (

If not, here are a couple more that may help you recall: Phantoms (

And The Faculty: (

BuckAhRue Answered question Jul 17, 2022

Maybe this movie ?
Dont really think so but, you never know

Be_spin Answered question Jun 29, 2022

Sounds like one of the Body Snatchers movies: (This is the 70’s version but there are at least 3 more!)

or maybe:

The Puppet Masters

Stonebroke Answered question Jun 29, 2022