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Do you know this movie about time travelling messages?

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Okay, so, hello. I’ve seen this movie few years back and I tried real hard to find it, but with no luck.

It isn’t an american movie, I had to watch it with subtitles, probably somewhere from Europe.
The main character is an adult man, he has a wife and she’s on a wheelchair, cause she had an accident when she was young (she ran into the road I think and car hit her).
In the movie he was doing some experiments, I’m not sure if he was a scientist or not..anyway he found a way to send messages back in time (from his computer to someones phone in the past I think). And when he realised what he had made, he had an idea. To text someone from the past and tell them to prevent his wifes accident.
He finds out about this group of teenagers (or young adults, not sure) that died few years back. They were doing graffiti on a building and fell off I think? Cause the construction or like scaffoling collapsed. Anyway he texts this one guy from the group, but he doesn’t believe him. Eventually he convinces him (after he tells him some things that would happen and they actually happen) and agrees to help him.
Also the main character has a friend that finds out about it and I think he wants to use it for money?
I remember that in the past (the same timeline as the guy from the friend group) there was a woman who made paintings, but no one was buying it. But in the present she is a very famous artist. So etiher the friend or the main character asked the guy to buy one of her paintings and bury it in a certain spot. Near the end of the movie they actually found the paintings.

and now SPOILER for how it ended
The guy indeed prevents the wifes accident, the car doesn’t hit her.. but she wasn’t there alone that day. She was with our main character, so instead, the car hits him.
So at the end, the wife can walk, but the main character is in a wheelchair.

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