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Distopia, Peaceful society that choose one person to die each month


Story of a society that found peace and security. The houses and shops are always unlocked, a couple (or 2 friends) try to escape this different reality.

To keep the peace, once a month, in a big event, held in a stadium and broadcast live, a person is drawn by lot, to be murdered by other residents.

This duo, during the night, in an attempt to escape the city (or this reality), decides to break into a store, to look for something to defend themselves. At this moment, one of the two says that there would be no need to enter by force, because if society is so safe, the door should be unlocked. It really was.

That’s most of the plot I can remember, I believe this movie is from the 90’s.

I’m not sure if this two characters arrived on this reality or there is this place in a real world.

Stonebroke Answered question May 14, 2022

It reminds the plot of The Purge, but for sure it’s a older movie.

The difference is that, on this movie, it’s a perfect safe society/city and, to keep this peace, they realize that people need to free their bad inner self throughout violence, chasing one person, and killing it. One time per month or something like that.


It’s not this episode of Sliders is it?

alessandrodias Edited comment May 14, 2022

It reassembly the idea, but in my mind the lottery was a great event, that every citizen were aware. The one to die was drawn randomly, people watch this drawn live, in a stadium. The scene I remind is a guy, with her mother or significant other, watching this event, in their couch. In this night, the selected one was him, his picture and address appears on TV. He looks at her and leaves in a rush, because that’s sad, but natural is this place, while people, that know where he leaves rush for his house, to hunt him to death.

This scene runs parallel to the main characters, that I mentioned in the post. The main characters are in this city, and really impressed with this murder idea, just to keep peace and guarantee safety.