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Desperately need someone to identify this movie

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Need some help to identify this movie please. it’s a vampire movie I watched as a kid with my sister & her bf now husband, most probably in 1976 but could be earlier 1975 or 1974. The key scene is a group of young girls been laid down on a big wheel like wheel of fortune alike, & it spinned around until it stopped with a big pointer to one of the girls who then was picked up to be sacrificed. The story began with a young man picking up young girls from some bars/club then being kidnapped & brought to a castle probably in a remote island. They’re being stripped off to blue prisoner uniforms. At the end of scene one man helping them to escape from the castle, & he’s trying to kill all the vampires inside the coffins before the dawn. Thanks in advance.

jimdust69 Asked question Nov 1, 2020